Today we're going to be taking a closer look at the Jean Paul Gaultier ultra male release by the company, Jean Paul Gautier, This one is a 2015 Jean Paul Gaultier cologne which goes by the name: ultra male. The bottle is shaped like a man's torso. The perfumer behind this composition is, of course, Francis Kurkdjian. Francis Kurkdjian also worked on the original Jean Paul Gaultier le male cologne, which was released over 25 years ago in 1995. Now it's been such a long time, that's quite fascinating.

Kurkdjian has also worked on many of the other fragrances, if not all, of the other fragrances. He has his own luxury company which is where he releases luxury high-end fragrances. Now there seems to be sort of an ultra trend in the community and the industry as of late. Now we have Jean Paul Gaultier Ultra Male, and if ultra is a skill for delineating the sweetness of a particular scent, in the case of this fragrance is actually quite fitting.

This jean paul Gaultier ultra male fragrance is classified as an oriental fragrance. Let's take a look at the presentation. The fragrance comes in a cylindrical aluminum tin. You have the name of the company embossed at the top and the ultra male logo, down at the bottom. The base comes off to reveal a podium on which the fragrance sits, and you have the Jean Paul Gautier logo engraved on the inside on the bottom. You have the UPC and the serial number as well as some other information, and that's it as far as the box goes now.

As far as the bottle goes, you have that same iconic le male torso that was used back in 1995. That shape has become somewhat of a signature for jean paul Gaultier perfumes and colognes. Even the jean paul Gaultier perfumes for women have a comparable torso shape, only of a woman's body. The ultra male one has a nice black and blue color palette. It has a male profile. You have a stopper below the atomizer to prevent it from spraying unless you want to dispense the cologne. You release that in the atomizer, the distribution is great and you can actually control how much you want to spray. At the bottom, you have some more information. That's the basic presentation for ultra male by Jean Paul Gautier.

Young men consider the ultra mall as the new king of clubbing. They think the jean paul Gaultier ultra male is very sweet. In fact, the fragrance is so sweet, it could easily be unisex. The sweetness mellows as the vanilla blends with it.

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is the highest, this one is, at least, a nice 8 out of 10. Women actually like this one. It does have a designer quality to it. Some women call this one, a lady pleaser. One guy thinks it smells like cotton candy at first. Now, as soon as you spray, this fragrance right away, you're going to be reminded of fragrances like 1 Million by Paco Rabanne Invictus by Paco Rabanne, even black XS, by Paco Rabanne, as well as the original Amal. And the reason for that is because this is a very sweet fragrance.

As a matter of fact, when jean paul Gaultier ultra male was released the conventional wisdom was that it was destined is the next ultimate clubbing fragrance. It stands out from other fragrances in the competition fragrance is like lamal and Invictus, which are dubbed as bubblegum scents. This one doesn't really possess too much of a bubblegum vibe, although it is heavily sweet. So, what you get in the opening is a lot of vanilla. That vanilla is also a part of an Amber Accord.

You get some spices in there like cinnamon and cumin. Thankfully, there isn't enough cumin to give this fragrance a body odor vibe. Cumin has that reputation, but there is a lot of cinnamon. So if you're not a fan of cinnamon, this could potentially be one that you have to keep off your radar in the dry down. It's not listed as an O, but you pick up on a lot of tonka bean which allows that sweetness to be prolonged in the base of the composition and it actually augments or enhances the sweet.

You also get a little bit of lavender in there, which is why this fragrance is classified as oriental. There is just enough lavender to make it slightly evocative of the original. But this could have very well been a standalone scent. They could have given it its own packaging own bottle, design, even a unique name. It didn't necessarily have to be a flanker of the original.

So guys, just because you like the original doesn't necessarily mean you're going to like this one. They do smell different enough to buy if you don't want something that's redundant. Additionally, it also has a note called eugenol. Again, it's not listed as a known, but eugenol is an organic compound that is found in bay leaf as well as clove. And guess what other fragrance contains bay leaf, Invictus by Paco Rabanne. That' what allows for the comparisons between these two to happen. But again it's not a carbon copy. It's not an imitation. It's its own fragrance, so you definitely have to sample this one out now.


The last note that we definitely have to mention in this one among the vanilla and the lavender and the spices is the note of pear. Now pair is an ingredient that's used in a lot of women's perfumes. It's used in Jimmy Choo for her a fragrance called wasabi pear by nest. It's used in a Victoria's Secret perfume as well as the women's version classic. Now, in this fragrance, it's used in a very modest concentration enough so that you can smell it, but not so much that it's girly or anything like that. Pear gives it that really nice dimension to the composition and allows it to stand out among other sweet fragrances in the competition. I really like this composition. Francis Kurkdjian did an excellent job with this one. Now, the question is, do you I prefer this one or the original jean paul Gaultier le male? This jean-paul Gaultier ultra male has a very high compliment factor.


Women called this one, a lady pleaser. When you are wearing it, they will not separate themselves from you. Let's check out the rating. First up, for uniqueness and overall smell, this fragrance gets an 8 out of 10. Now. This is a very sweet scent with that nice addition of the note of pear, which allows it to stand out from other fragrances in that same genre, however, some people might find this one to be just a little bit too sweet or too cloying.

Next up, we have longevity. Here, it earned a 10 out of 10. You will get 12 plus hours on your skin. This is an excellent, long-lasting scent. As far as projection this one also earns a 10 out of 10. This one radiates beyond an arm's length for about 3 to 4 hours, and then it starts to sit closer to the skin, but it never fully becomes a skin scent.

As far as versatility goes, this one is this 6 out of 10. It'S a unisex scent, even though it's marketed for men. This one would work best on a younger crowd. It could work very well casually and definitely on a night out if you're going to a party or clubbing or something like that. Perhaps wouldn't wear this one in a suit and tie dress formally.

As far as seasons, you can wear this in the colder weather - fall in winter. And last up we have the presentation. Some people find it chic. Some people find it kitschy. It's a love it or hated polarizing presentation. But this one gets a 9 out of 10. Overall jean paul Gaultier ultra male gets an 8 out of 10. The original is better.

The original has an iconic smell with very well balanced ingredients. This one is a little bit on the sweet side, but it's a different enough scent to warrant a purchase, and it may just be the new king of clubbing fragrances. So there you have it guys.